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Clinical Expertise

The Advisory Board is made up of industry experts who provide an extra level of clinical expertise, plus senior clinical managers from within RehabWorks. It is chaired by Clinical Director, Mark Armour MCSP, MSc, MCMI. Our current external experts are Paul Watson, MSc, FCSP, PhD, Leicester University Lecturer of MSK Physiotherapy, Dr Steve Kellett, Consultant MSc, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield Hallam University, and Robin Cordell MBA, FRCP, FFOM.

The Advisory Board provides the benchmarks for where RehabWorks sits in the wider industry, looking at how we will achieve the position we aspire to in the long term and how we make sure that we uphold our wider aims of clinical excellence. The Board has a steering role within the company, advising and assisting the Clinical Senior Management Team (Service Leads and Clinical Governance Lead). It also acts to ensure RehabWorks are at the forefront of evidence based practice. This is achieved through carefully maintaining awareness of new evidence, and identifying opportunities to contribute to the evidence base through our own research and comment.

Our Clinical Leads and Clinical Governance Specialists analyse any patterns of potential problems in the delivery of RehabWorks services and investigate outcomes which fall below expectation. They work with the Clinical Senior Management Team, Operational Managers and Team Leads, Clinical Supervision Systems, and Training Leads to decide on appropriate measures to address their findings. As a group they ensure that clinical excellence is maintained in the day to day delivery of services. They share best practice around auditing, feedback, and implementing changes with each other. Where necessary, the Clinical Governance Team can raise queries that arise from their investigations to the Advisory Board, and share responsibility for driving forward in practise any recommendations or ideas from the Advisory Board.

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Mark Armour – Clinical Director

Clinical Director

Based at Head office in Bury St Edmunds. Mark Armour provides high level direction and steering of all components within Clinical...


Jo Mitson – Clinical Services Manager

Clinical Services Manager

Based at Head Office in Bury St Edmunds Jo ensures that quality within each service is maintained for all documentation and...


Jayne Davies – Face to Face and Remote Physiotherapy Mentor

Case Management

Based at Head Office in Bury St Edmunds Jayne mentors the Quality Representative for the Face to Face and remote physiotherapy...


Jenny Ralls – Clinical Specialist

Clinical Specialist & Quality

Based at Head office in Bury St Edmunds Jenny is part of the Clinical Governance management team and also reports to...