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Clinical Governance Systems

Striving For Excellence Through Clinical Governance

Clinical governance
RehabWorks prides itself on our strong clinical governance system which ensures we remain at the forefront of Clinical practice and excellence.

Evidence based
The governance team comprising  the quality panel and clinical advisory board ensure that all services are firmly based on relevant research and recognised best practice. This is achieved by continuously reviewing new research and published national and international guidelines

User centred
Our approach to clinical governance from start to finish revolves around asking the question: ‘What will help our users achieve the outcome they need in the safest and most effective way?’

Core standards and ways of working
We have established ways of working and developed sound clinical pathways and peer mentoring to ensure our clinicians are guided and supported in working consistently to achieve the highest possible level of outcomes



What are the objectives of Clinical Governance?

We have a competency and banding framework which outlines the knowledge and skills required by our clinicians to deliver key services. This ensures that the most appropriately qualified clinicians are selected to deliver specific services

Our education training and development programme complements the competency framework and assists clinicians in achieving improved knowledge and skills in order to assist in their career development

Quality assurance
Our quality team review results and feedback, highlighting any areas in which we could look to improve. They assist clinicians on a local level and make recommendations to the clinical advisory board where appropriate

Continuous improvement
RehabWorks clinical advisory board reviews all recommendations and discusses new research and practice which would improve our users experience and outcomes.

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