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  • 98% of EAP service users said their job performance improved after intervention
  • 95% satisfaction score within our mental health services
  • 93% return to full work duties with our physiotherapy services
  • A market leader in bio-psychosocial approach to rehabilitation and recovery
  • We only practise evidence based medicine

Functional Restoration Programme

RehabWorks Functional Restoration Programme (FRP) has been designed to meet the specific requirements of individuals with either repetitive or long term absence as a result of a musculoskeletal injury.

Delivered using the bio-psychosocial approach the aim is to understand both the mechanical limitation imposed by an injury, and also the underlying attitudes, beliefs and social influences that may be contributing factors in delaying the individuals return to wellness and work

The programme comprises of a comprehensive assessment to understand bio-psychosocial factors that may be present.  Following the assessment a bespoke rehabilitation programme is designed for the individual and delivered as part of a group session with other patients. Cognitive behaviour therapy forms a significant part of the programme delivery, challenging participants in relation to their attitudes and beliefs and  informing them how these can impact on their recovery.

Throughout the programme, which normally lasts for 6-8 weeks, one to one time is available with the treating clinician, allowing opportunities for review of the individual’s rehabilitation programme in relation to their goals and objectives.

FRP has a proven track record in helping individuals who have been off work for prolonged periods of time (3-24 months) return to wellness for work and life.  The education process embedded within the FRP empowers the individual to manage their injury allowing them a sustainable return to work, usually back to their full normal duties. The video below provides feedback from some recent delegates on the RehabWorks FRP:

(Figures quoted above are extracted from RehabWorks management information)

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