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Vita Health commends the launch of The Mental Health At Work Gateway

Posted on by Caroline Farren-Hines

This week The Mental Health at Work Gateway was launched – created by Mind with support from the Heads Together mental health campaign spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Duke and Duchess of Sussex and 11 other organisations.

This a hugely constructive step in supporting employers with a positive approach to managing mental health in the work place.

We are delighted to see the toolkits available to employers by industry sector that offer inspiring speakers, video blogs and expert reports to normalise discussion and support the de-stigmatising of mental health in the work place.  Vita Health’s support for early identification and intervention in the workplace fully endorses this approach and our belief in an equitable treatment of physical and mental health in the work place such that people can be encouraged to put their hand up early when they need help.

Corporate support for this approach is clear – at the prestigious Gateway launch event this week in Bristol including royalty and leading mental health industry experts, Antonio Horta-Osorio, chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group was also present. He said Lloyds would be making ‘substantial use’ of the Mental Health at Work gateway, which he described as a ‘hugely impressive undertaking’. He added: ‘Our experience shows us that, with the right culture of support, employees can experience poor mental health at times, or live with an ongoing mental health condition, and still succeed and thrive at work. ‘We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. ‘As employers, we have a real opportunity to change the way we approach mental health, giving our people the support they need to thrive.’

The words of Poppy Jaman OBE – CEO, City Mental Health Alliance expertly articulates this viewpoint and also endorses the recommendations to employers from of the Stevenson Farmer Review of last year:


Jane Muston, Clinical Director of Mental Health for Vita Health Group adds  ‘An evidence-based pathway of support enables employees to access support early and continue with their work duties safely and effectively during periods of poor mental health. It also finds the vast majority of staff will ‘fully recover’ as a result of the intervention.’

Ms Muston continued: ‘We are finding that over a third of people calling in to our EAP helpline to access emotional support are presenting with a diagnosable mental health condition requiring treatment in line with NICE guidance. – We are proud to be able to look after all of our clients in the most clinically appropriate way