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Employee Assistance Programmes – EAP


As one of the leading providers into the UK market, our Workplace Wellness expertise spans employee assistance programmes, manager support, wellbeing, productivity and mediation services to drive employee engagement and organisational effectiveness, and help your organisation to increase productivity, reduce absence and costs to accelerate performance.

What do we do?

We provide innovative solutions based on client need and best practice, developing the broadest range of services that support both the employee and the needs of the organisation; reducing absence, improving productivity and performance, supporting risk management strategies and assisting in organisational change and development.

Our Approach

We work in partnership with other internal and external support partners to deliver a holistic and integrated solution.  Our uniquely positive way of positioning our services ensures that employees understand the breadth of support available and access assistance at an early stage before their issues escalate to a more impactive level

Why invest?

  • “The introduction of an EAP should reduce absence by c.35%” (CBI).
  • “The total cost of mental health is estimated at £1035 for every employee in the workforce. An employee who takes action to improve the wellbeing of their staff can achieve savings against these costs by 30% or more” (Sainsbury’s Centre for Mental Health).
  • Day 1 intervention for stress – This type of support has been able to reduce the average days absent through stress from 27.4 days to less than 14 days in 95% of cases.
  • Our EAP research shows at least 65% of employees benefitting from counselling would otherwise have taken time off work. Current CIPD absence costs are estimated at £600 per employee per year – multiply this by your headcount to calculate the potential cost to your organisation.
  • Over 50% of our counselling clients say their productivity improved following support. For organisations who want to foster employee engagement and performance, this is a significant outcome.
  • 75% of managers say they manage at least one person with a mental health problem.
  • A major global employer looked closely at the work we do with them and conducted an independent “Value” review. They reported that their analysis demonstrated a 3:1 ROI simply on provable metrics, and their estimate is that there is a similar intangible return in areas such as psychological contract, improved sense of wellbeing and resilience and enhanced positive regard for the employer, leading to a 6:1 return.

Employee Assistance Programmes


Counselling Support for Individuals

Enhanced Debt Management Support

Critical Incident Management

Management Support

Online EAP – 24/7 Web Based Support

Wellness & Productivity Management WPM

Strategic Consulting

Wellbeing Centre™

Management Information System (MIS) I

Interactive productivity dashboard

Action Planning.

Additional Services

Ad Hoc Counselling Support

Workplace Mediation

Critical Incident on-site support

Longer Term Mental Health Support

Build Resilience

Training Solutions

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