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Musculoskeletal Preventative Services

Musculoskeletal Preventative Services

Our musculoskeletal (MSK) injury prevention programmes are designed to help individuals understand the causes of musculoskeletal disorders, how to prevent them and for those with pre-existing problems, how to self-manage to lead an active and healthy life.

We have developed a range musculoskeletal injury and behaviour change programmes including:

  • Safe manual handling (Body Mechanics)
  • Office based injury prevention
  • How to keep ‘fit for the future’
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training
  • Job demand and task analysis
  • Industry specific fitness testing (Mini-MOT)
  • Vehicle assessment

We use interactive technology to make our programmes engaging, fun and reportable.  The interactive format of the programmes makes it possible to highlight and explore common misconceptions and beliefs to allow specific and relevant education to change them.

Our award winning body mechanics programme includes a mix of practical and theory sessions. The programme is tailored specifically to your industry or workforce to address specific manual handling/workstation issues. The practical session ensures that the principles learnt in the classroom can be applied in a ‘real-life’ setting.

Some outcomes achieved by our clients as a direct result of our preventative services are:

  • Significant reductions in musculoskeletal absence with direct cost savings of £20,000*
  • Inevitability of becoming injured as a result of work from 80% to 12%*

*Extracted from RehabWorks management information


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