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Vita Health Group applauds the unveiling of the”Project 84″ campaign

Posted on by Caroline Farren-Hines

The Vita Health Group has today commended the unveiling of the high profile Project 84 campaign.

ITV announced this week that it had collaborated with the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to encourage conversation around male suicide and the mental health issues which can result in the most tragic of consequences.

The campaign features 84 lifelike figures in installation on the roof of the ITV This Morning studios – representative of the 84 men who will take their own life each week in the UK.

Jane Muston, Clinical Director at Vita Health Group  said: “This is an incredibly striking campaign which is clearly going to get people talking about an area which is so often forgotten about or swept under the carpet.

“As employee health specialists here at Vita Health Group, we know that mental health issues among men are on the rise, and that, where things like depression or anxiety, or chronic physical health, is left without an outlet for discussion or support, it can lead to some very dark thoughts

“This is why we work so closely with company’s to help them recognise where employees are suffering, and provide them with ways in which they can signpost their staff or provide the appropriate way for them to recover.”

RehabWorks, which is part of the Vita Health Group, played a direct role in reporting to the government on the progress and success of the Fit For Work initiative. It also has many staff on advisory boards helping to raise the awareness of, and approach to, issues such as mental health and suicide risk of men.

“Our focus is always to support people with mental health and other conditions to stay   in work where possible, with full liaison with the employer, ” said Ms Muston.

“In very recent times we’ve welcomed the news in the employee health arena that a new and more flexible model for supporting those with mental health issues in particular, is to be fully explored.”

Mental Health and musculoskeletal issues are the two most significant reasons for absence in the workplace, according to Vita Health Group, the HSE and the CIPD.

The company has seen a growing need in recent years to be able to educate both employers and staff about what is available to them, and what likely ‘return to work’ programmes might be available for an employee.

Vita Health Group works with a broad spectrum of clients, which range in size and focus from small SMEs to large employers, such as John Lewis Partnership, in the Corporate sector, to NHS Trusts and large Public Sector bodies.

The company’s services cover everything from an Employee Assistance Program to much more extensive Wellbeing Programs, with associated care pathways to provide solutions for more complex Mental Health issues.

Each year, the company supports some 50,000 individuals in getting back to good health.