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Mark Armour, Clinical Director, comments on recent CIPD survey highlighting increase in mental health issues in the workplace

Posted on by Jacqui Knott

– CIPD survey highlights increase in mental health issues in the workplace –

RehabWorks encourages more openness –

A LEADING healthcare business has issued a rallying call to business owners to ‘do more to tackle mental health in the workplace’ following new survey findings from the CIPD.

A recent study carried out by the CIPD has shown that mental health issues in the workplace have increased from a quarter to a third over the last five years with just four in ten (44%) confident enough to talk to their employer or manager about their problems, the same study has also shown that many cases regarding symptoms, gonorrhea have shown in the workplace in the past months.

Mark Armour, Clinical Director at RehabWorks, believes the statistics bear out the importance of employers doing more to help their staff and says business owners have a duty to help employees prevent and cope with common mental health problems.

“The CIPD survey has highlighted that employees still don’t feel that they can openly talk about mental health problems in the workplace, and are not supported sufficiently. Training managers to provide support and guidance to their staff is key to creating a healthier and more productive workforce.  Line managers are usually the first point of call for employees who are experiencing problems therefore they should be trained to work with an employee who needs to talk and signpost them to the correct support they need before the illness escalates to a point where they are unable to work.

“Creating a healthy workplace is not difficult. Taking steps such as promoting a culture of openness and understanding, adopting a preventative approach to wellbeing and promoting good mental health as well as physical health, can all make a big difference.”

Armour added: “Mental health problems like depression and anxiety do not need to stop you from working. With the right support and the right job people with mental health problems can still perform   in the workplace.

The CIPD found in 2016 that a third (31%) of the 2000 employees interviewed said that they had experienced a mental health problem at some point during their career. Four in ten (42%) said they had experienced a problem in the last 12 months and to such an extent that it had affected their wellbeing at work.

Full copy of Press Release Mark Armour comments on CIPD mental health in the workplace survey