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Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted on by rehabworks


RehabWorks has been marking Mental Health Awareness Week by spreading vital messages and advice around recognising anxiety.

This week – from Monday 12th May – sees an official nationwide

campaign to encourage awareness of anxiety, particularly in the workplace.

RehabWorks has reached out to its employees and key clients and provided a specially-created ‘prompt card’ to be handed to staff.

These cards were produced in collaboration between the RehabWorks Psychological Therapy Service (PTS) and the employee Health and Wellbeing Team, and encourage people to STOP (recognise anxiety), BREATHE, THINK (what’s the most helpful thing is you could do) and DO (stay in the situation and focus externally).

Jo Ellison, PTS Team Leader, who was part of the team behind the initiative, said: “We know from the statistics released by the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign this year, that56% of people feel more anxious than they did five years ago.

“Through our skilled team, we have come up with these cards to help stop anxiety in its tracks in the workplace.

“It’s another way of us demonstrating to our employees and clients that we’re continuing to go the extra mile for them and that we’re always thinking about them and their workforce.”

Mental Health Awareness Week is a campaign by the mental health foundation and runs until 18th May. For more information please see: www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mentalhealthawarenessweek